Alec Wilken co-authors a new paper on prokinesis in the feeding and locomotor systems of parrots

Alec Wilken is on a new paper from Michael Grantosky’s Comparative Animal Motion Lab at NYIT. The paper describes how rosy-faced lovebirds use prokinesis during tripedal climbing and mandibular/maxillary adduction, i.e., biting. They report that the maxilla is primarily responsible for generating force during locomotion and the mandible is primarily responsible for generating force during jaw adduction. It suggests that these parrots can alter prokinetic function using modulation of neuromuscular control.

New paper from Ross-Hatsopoulos Lab Collaboration

Multiple regions of primate orofacial sensorimotor cortex encode bite force and gape.

This paper just out from the Ross-Hatsopoulos collaboration funded by R01 “Neuroplasticity and the role of sensorimotor cortex in control of orofacial function”. R01DE023816-01.


Ontogenetic changes in bite force and gape in tufted capuchins

Laird MF, Kanno CM, Yoakum, CB, Fogaça, MD, Taylor AB, Ross, CF, Chalk-Wilayto, J, Holmes, MA, Terhune, CE, de Oliveira, JA. (2023) Journal of Experimental Biology jeb.245972. doi: 10.1242/jeb.245972

New paper from the Panagiotopoulou/Reid/Ross collaboration

The biomechanics of chewing and suckling in the infant: A potential mechanism for physiologic metopic suture closure.

Pranav N. Haravu, Miguel Gonzalez, Shelby L. Nathan, Callum F. Ross, Olga Panagiotopoulou, Russell R. Reid