New paper from Ross-Hatsopoulos Lab Collaboration

Multiple regions of primate orofacial sensorimotor cortex encode bite force and gape.

This paper just out from the Ross-Hatsopoulos collaboration funded by R01 “Neuroplasticity and the role of sensorimotor cortex in control of orofacial function”. R01DE023816-01.


Ontogenetic changes in bite force and gape in tufted capuchins

Laird MF, Kanno CM, Yoakum, CB, Fogaça, MD, Taylor AB, Ross, CF, Chalk-Wilayto, J, Holmes, MA, Terhune, CE, de Oliveira, JA. (2023) Journal of Experimental Biology jeb.245972. doi: 10.1242/jeb.245972

New paper from the Panagiotopoulou/Reid/Ross collaboration

The biomechanics of chewing and suckling in the infant: A potential mechanism for physiologic metopic suture closure.

Pranav N. Haravu, Miguel Gonzalez, Shelby L. Nathan, Callum F. Ross, Olga Panagiotopoulou, Russell R. Reid

Ross-Hatsopoulos Lab paper

Robust cortical encoding of 3D tongue shape during feeding in macaques

Fig. 1

This new paper from the long-standing Ross-Hatsopoulos Lab collaboration was based on JD Laurence-Chasen’s dissertation. This is the first evidence that the brain encodes shape dynamics of a muscular soft-body. Great work, JD!