Chelsie Snipes

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Chelsie is a first year PhD student in the Ross and Luo labs. She is broadly interested in the evolution and biomechanics of the feeding and middle ear systems in vertebrates. For her dissertation research, she is investigating the evolution and kinematics of the hyolaryngeal system during feeding and vocalization in mammals. Her work will utilize geometric morphometrics, XROMM, and finite element modeling (FEM) techniques. Chelsie has previously conducted research on the function of the hyoid apparatus and middle ear in echolocating bats using traditional and contrast enhanced microCT data and acoustic modeling in ANSYS.

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Vibroacoustic Response of the Tympanic Membrane to Hyoid-Borne Sound Generated during Echolocation in Bats
Chelsie C. G. Snipes, Richard T. Carter. Integrative and Comparative Biology. (2023) [PDF] [DOI]