2022 - South Side Science Fair
The science festival was a great success! Peishu, Isaac Magallanes from the Luo Lab, and Alec created displays to show off inner ear and jaw evolution and presented 3-D models of teeth. The jaw display included models of fossils loaded with rubber band "muscles" that festival attendees could use to close the jaw after pulling it down. They also brought force gages so attendees could measure the "bite force" of the jaw. They then used videos of their XROMM, FEA, and CT work to show how 21st century paleontologists tackle problems. They inspired many little therians to consider pursuing a passion in paleontology and got an invite to present these outreach tools for an event at Rush in the spring!

2022 - SICB 2023
  Members of the Ross Lab/UChicago IB Program will be presenting their work at SICB 2023.

  • Hannah Farrell: Cortical bone distribution in the hominoid clavicle during ontogeny
  • Samantha Gartner: Elastic skull ligaments and the biomechanics of the parrotfish bite.
  • Peishu Li: XROMM reveals tongue base retraction mechanism during swallowing in Didelphis virginiana.
  • Alec Wilken: The effect of trabecular bone on force transfer in the jaws of mammals.

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